Dear Beth, I hope that knowing this makes you feel …

Comment on Beth’s Easy White Chocolate Mousse Recipe by Cecilia Ramirez L.

Dear Beth,
I hope that knowing this makes you feel you’re in control of things:
Salmonella is part of the intestinal flora of chickens. The escape of feces
and eggs converges into the cloaca, where the shell can be covered with
Salmonella. The egg is already formed when it goes down the cloaca, so the
interior is not contaminated. Everything that touches the outer shell get
Therefore the eggshell before opening, should be disinfected or at least
The white (protein) and yolk (lipids) are nutritious culture media that
allow the growth of many bacteria (pathogenic and non-pathogenic), Its a
matter of time.
So when I will make this dessert I would not expect more than a day before
eating it, and kept in the refrigerator to slowdown the growth of bacteria
… like mayonnaise.
I love Biology and teaching biology as you seem to love teaching to cook,
hope you didn’t get bored :)

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