Back to school lunch recipes: Gluten-free lunch ideas

Back to school lunch recipes: Gluten-free lunch ideas

With so many great-tasting, gluten-free products on the market these days, packing a gluten-free lunch is easier than ever.

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The main challenge to packing a delicious GF lunch is working around the bread since GF bread has a ways to go. These three ideas think beyond the sandwich, but are just as filling.

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To make these Gluten-Free School Lunches, you’ll need:
Gluten-Free Sandwich Kabobs
* Leftover meat, like grilled chicken
* Your favorite lunchbox vegetables

Pretzels & Roll Up’s
* Your favorite gluten-free pretzels (check out my site for mine)
* Your favorite gluten-free deli meat
* Your favorite sandwich cheese

Lettuce Wraps
* Your favorite sandwich fillings (meat and cheese work best)
* Lettuce leaves (I like using Bibb lettuce)

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