08/06/2013 Garry’s Gourmet Moose Knuckle

08/06/2013 Garry’s Gourmet Moose Knuckle

This Saturday Rub clip features JB, Garry, Spud and Damo with Spud having a go at Garry for an article he found in the Australian Gourmet Traveler. It’s the only material he’s brought to the table so he’s got to put some work into it. He starts off by having a go at the man that wrote the article, saying he looks like Homer Simpson, and a quick Google search shows he’s not far off. The article says that cooking is the latest in a line of talents for Garry, the Renaissance Man. What?! I find this particularly interesting considering the ribbing Damo got last night from the boys when chef Shannon Bennett walked in. Spud is asking where the recipe is for his special lamb shank soup he raves on about. Though he argues it’s a secret. Again, Damo said he makes one of those, as well. Something fishy there. Spud then counts the appearances of the “I” in the article, before going on to analyse the photo. Because he noticed something peculiar in it. Firstly, he says the sleeves are rolled up because he wants to show off the watch, and he points out the socks are almost non-existent, but most importantly, he notices that his legs are crossed, exposing a bulge reminiscent of a moose knuckle! Not a camel toe, but a moose knuckle! What with the smile and the wine (Pinot Gris) he pronounces as Pino Gross, he deduces that Garry has lost the plot. As for the bulge, Wolf says there’s a good reason for it… I’ll let you figure that out.

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